21 December 2006

Really quiet here!

Yes, it was really quiet on this weblog. I have been very, very busy with some other stuff. Especially the latest Sakai conference kept me real busy. I wrote about 10 posts on this conference on the group weblog of the Sakai community in The Netherlands. And then I wrote a short report on this conference, which (ofcourse) is available (but is written in Dutch) online.
What else?
  1. I tried out the free weblog service on wordpress.com. This is pretty impressive, in my opinion. No wonder that Google is pushing hard with their NEW Blogger service!
  2. Here at the University of Twente we are preparing for some technical trials with Sakai. This means diving into SCORM and service endpoints within Sakai. Fortunately two of my collegues, Eelco Laagland and Dennis Vierkant, are doing the best parts of this.
  3. Also regarding my homebase: there will be a demo of Sakai (and our project) at the end of January for all interested students and faculty. We are now in the preparation phase (who, where, when etc) of this demo-session.
  4. And then we have a 'minor' upgrade of our current VLE (TeleTOP) coming up next week. Lots of preparation has been gone into that. Too much, maybe...
  5. And then we have an upcoming restructuring of the service departments at our University. Final goal: more efficient service, less costly. Solution that is worked on right now: Shared Service Centres.
If you are still here: Happy Holidays and see you in 2007!

13 December 2006

And the winner is...

Ben Werdmuller, one of the 'inventors' of Elgg, is a bit sad: "Alas, Elgg was unsuccessful in its bid to the Andrew W Mellon Foundation Awards for Technology Collaboration, which awarded $650,000 in prizes on Monday. I've got to confess that I'm a little disappointed(..)". I would also have thought that Elgg really should deserve some prize money, but on the other hand to be awarded such a price, certain rules have to be obeyed. Just read the whole post and also the last comment from Christopher J. Mackie, who is Associate Program Officer for the The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

03 December 2006

Next stop: Atlanta (GA)

Next week I will be attending the 6th Sakai conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). For coverage of this conference, you can go to our group weblog at http://sakai-nl.blogspot.com.
This weblog will remain untouched until Dececember 11, 2006.

01 December 2006

Patent should be reexamined!

This message is also posted on our weblog "Dutch Sakai News & Opinions".
Just before the next Sakai conference will take place in Atlanta, there is an official press release on sakaiproject.org: 'November 30, 2006 - The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) today announced that it has formally asked the Patent Office to reexamine and ultimately cancel all 44 claims of Blackboard's patent on e-learning systems (SFLC Press Release). The SFLC filed the request for reexamination on behalf of the Sakai Foundation (sakaiproject.org), the Moodle Community (moodle.org), and the ATutor Community (atutor.ca), three open source software projects which develop online educational systems.'
There is also a Patent FAQ available.