07 August 2007

Blackboard 'loses' the 1st round

Recently some news came out in the Blackboard patent case. As Chris Coppola writes
Desire2Learn wins round one against Blackboard patent: "Congratulations to D2L (=Desire2Learn) in an important victory against Blackboard and their bogus patent. Apparently the judge ruled that the 1st claim (and all dependent claims 2-35) are invalid."
Source: weblog Desire2Learn.

03 August 2007

Seven things: neat resources on ed tech

John Martin has a weblog, that i regularly visit. It is called Edventures in Technolgy (great name). One of his recent posts is on the The Educause 7 Things You Should Series : "(..) I find looking at the timeline of releases interesting from an anthropological perspective as it illustrates where the edtech interest was focused over the past two years that these briefs have been published."
You will find condensed information on (for example) the use of RSS, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Podcasting or Screencasting within educational settings. Handy indeed!

02 August 2007

Gather my thoughts and experiences...

I came across the JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. And then I read this:
"The June 2008 issue of JOLT will be a special issue, centered on the topic of next generation learning/course management systems (L/CMS). (..) new technologies present diverse ideas and opportunities for engaged e-learning (..)."
A theme that is mentioned for this special issue is "Open source vs commercial environments". Well, I sure could write about that. The proposal deadline is Feb 29, 2008.