22 July 2005

Main Page - Microformats

Think about open standards. And I (you too?) think IMS. Not!
Check the Wiki on Microformats.

21 July 2005

Itinerary Builder is here!

We were all waiting for it. And finally it is there: the Itinerary Builder.
There's one prerequisite: you need to have an Educause profile. But I would really recommend to create one. You can also subscribe to periodic alerts on all kinds of subjects once you have a profile, and you have access to (almost) all content that Educause offers.
One last remark: you can't access profiles of others unless you have a profile yourself!

18 July 2005

Blog: On The Cutting Edge-ucation

Just found a nice blog on the educational use of podcasting.
It is called On The Cutting Edge-ucation.
The authors are "building a repository of instructional ideas and strategies for using podcasts in schools.
Feel free to post any ideas you have, whether they're brainstorms or refined activities and units. Any ideas are welcome, even if they may seem difficult to implement."

15 July 2005

SURF :: USA Studytrip 2005

I just found a hidden gem somewhere in the attic of the SURF website. This again proofs for me that it is much more difficult today to keep track of everything that you would want to read etc.
This might be of interest for my theme Enterprise Computing etc. Just go to SURF :: Bijeenkomsten :: USA Studiereis 2005

12 July 2005

Poster sessions

Every conference features posters sessions, right?
Well, on Educause 2005, there's no exception to the rule. Check them out.
Posters will be on display on Wednesday, October 19, for the tracks Teaching and Learning, Networking and Infrastructure, Library and Emerging Technologies. The tracks Enterprise Computing, Leadership and Teaching and Learning will be on display on October 20.

Deadline for Edutrip comes closer!

We are getting more and more details on the conference program as our deadline for the signup of the Edutrip 2005 comes closer.
The deadline is July 15!

08 July 2005

Seminars Enterprise Computing etc as selected by Educause

I just found out that the organizing committee of the Educause has made a seperate Track that has exactly the same title as my theme. How surprising!
Please check out what they think we should do on the Oct 19, 20 and 21 :-)

05 July 2005

Meeting the Net Generation

I won't copy what others already have put online. Today I visited the DigiDiscover conference at Windesheim University of Professional Education. Just check Wilfred or otherwise read Wijnand. Both weblogs are in Dutch.
The theme today was Meeting the Net Generation. There is at least one preconference on Educause 2005 that will address this theme. It is called Addressing the Needs of the 21st-Century Learner (Separate registration and fee is required to attend this seminar).