30 May 2006

Out of the office

This week I am out of the office. I am visiting the 5th Sakai Conference. This conference is held in Vancouver. I just arrived at my hotel in downtown Vancouver after a flight of almost ten hours.
Newsitems and reports out of Vancouver will be published (not only by me, but also by some other collegues) on the Sakai NL weblog.

18 May 2006

Cursus worst maken

HEMA ("HEMA is an international retail organization with over 290 stores in the Netherlands, more than 40 stores in Belgium and 3 in Germany") has started to offer online learning modules, that you can buy, well 'lease' actually (one year access, courses starting from as low as € 15).
Have you seen it? I've clicked through some or their 'proeflessen'. This is really crappy: pageturning all the way. But hey, it is still multimedia you know. They are using audio (at least in the Spanish language course that I tried).
Actually, this might seem crap, but then again: I am really wondered why HEMA is starting to offer these 'products'? If they do this, there must be a business case. I think that they are trying to compete with the traditional commercial offerings in the The Netherlands, such as LOI or NTI. Just as LOI is competing with the traditional HE institutions: they are offering 'traditional'bachelor programmes for some years now. So what's next?
My opinion is that the traditional HE institutions really could learn from these 'competitors' in the way they do their marketing and in the way in which they attract the adult learner etc. Companies as LOI, CIBIT or Nyenrode have lots of experience in the market for livelong learning (LLL). The close collaboration between Inholland and Nyenrode is not so strange as it may seem!

16 May 2006

Dit is reclame

First of all: I have reached a milestone with this weblog. This post is the 101th post in this weblog. I've reached this milestone withing 12 months (should I be proud). What follows is a plug in Dutch for a seminar that we are organizing on June 20th.
Op 20 juni organiseren we vanuit de projectgroep "ELO Groei- en Verandermanagement" (waarin Open Universiteit Nederland, Universiteit Twente, Universiteit van Amsterdam en Fontys Hogescholen vertegenwoordigt zijn) een ééndaags seminar over informatie-architectuur voor en in het hoger onderwijs voor alle belangstellenden. Ik nodig hierbij de 'lezers' van dit weblog uit om zich aan te melden en/of wat viral marketing toe te passen door anderen attent te maken op dit seminar. Alvast bedankt!

11 May 2006

The e-Framework: results from JISC-CETIS Conference 2005

This is a must-read for everyone interested in the e-Framework initiative as well as other recent developments in the elearning arena. the e-Framework for Education and Research - JISC-CETIS Conference 2005: "The JISC / CETIS Conference is an invitation-only conference to be held in Edinburgh on 15th-16th November, which will bring together a group of invited experts in IT infrastructure in education and provide an opportunity to take stock, and collectively influence the JISC and CETIS agenda's for the coming year in the context of the e-Framework for Education and Research initiative. This conference concentrates on the e-learning aspects of the e-framework."
There are really a lot of nice presentations and podcasts on this website. Recommended: Sarah Porter on the e-Framework, Bill Olivier on reference models and Ben Werdmuller on Elgg. You need to click around a bit to find the different presentations. But that will not be time wasted!

09 May 2006

Good old Computer Based Training

A few days ago I was asked to draft a cost calculation for a good old Computer Based Training program that should be produced for CD-ROM.
The CD-ROM to be produced is meant for our team of the University of Twente that competes in the last round of the Battle of the Universities. Our team is planning on producing a complete learning package meant for 12-16 year old students in secondary education on the subject of Tissue Engineering. The whole package also will include a DVD, lesson plans for teachers, as well as instructions and stuff for practical exercises that students that can do.
Actually it was really great to draft this calculation. It has been years (at least 6 or 7) since I have been involved in producing learning materials for CD-ROM. We now all work with the internet, isn't it? I therefore asked "Why a CD-ROM?". And the answer I got back was very practical: "A lot of schools don't have a proper internet connection; they would all miss out on this.". That really set me back with both feet on the ground!